Redskins coach settles in new role

Sept. 6, 2006 at 12:21 PM
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WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Washington Redskins head coach and team president Joe Gibbs said relinquishing control of the offense has allowed him to manage the NFL team at a macro level.

Gibbs, who put Al Saunders in the top position of offensive coach, said he can now deal with unexpected issues -- such as the Aug. 9 collapse of rookie offensive lineman Kili Lefotu -- without leaving the coaches waiting, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

"There are so many things that come up around here, whether it's personnel issues or injuries, and certainly that (illness) was something that none of us counted on," Gibbs said. "So when something like that happens, it probably gives you more freedom. Before I could have done the same thing, but then the problem would have been that the offensive coaches normally were waiting, and I think now it's full speed ahead and Al handles everything. So I feel good about that, and I can definitely say that this year I would have held them up a lot."

However, Joe Bugel, assistant head coach-offense, said that despite his new role, Gibbs is still the man in charge.

"Every decision is his, he's the man here," Bugel said.

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