Barbaro's condition remains stable

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa., July 18 (UPI) -- Barbaro remained in stable condition Tuesday as University of Pennsylvania veterinarians continued to treat the Kentucky Derby winner for laminitis.

In a statement, Dr. Dean Richardson, chief of surgery, said that Barbaro's foot cast was changed Monday to take new radiographs and to give vets a chance to examine his incision.


"The radiographs looked good; the plates we placed on July 8 to fuse the pastern are intact and the fetlock fusion is unchanged," he said. "The leg and the incision looked as good as we could have hoped."

Barbaro was considered a possible Triple Crown winner. But his racing career came to an end when he broke down in the Preakness.

Last week, Barbaro developed laminitis, an often-painful hoof inflammation. His owners, Roy and Gretchen Jackson, have decided to keep treating him as long as he appears comfortable.

Richardson said that Barbaro has adapted well to being placed in a sling for cast changes and other procedures.

"He is a very intelligent horse," Richardson said.

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