Martz 'dying' to get back to Rams

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- The Rams' Mike Martz said he is "dying to come back" to coach St. Louis now that he feels so improved from the heart valve bacterial infection he suffered.

"I'm off all the medication now. The biggest concern now is getting my stamina back. The fatigue is just about all gone," Martz told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I'm dying to come back."


But Martz also said in his Tuesday interview from San Diego: "We'll just stay by the plan" to resume coaching in 2006.

Aside from health concerns, Martz said his wife told him an early return would be unfair to interim Rams' Coach Joe Vitt.

Even though Martz has a year left on his contract, it seems almost certain he will not return given his open feud with the Rams' front office in October, the newspaper said.

Reports of Martz's readiness to return may send a message to the NFL, where hiring and firing season could bring six or more changes in head coaches, the Post-Dispatch said.

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