Pistons trying to guard against prosperity

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., June 12 (UPI) -- The Detroit Pistons go into Sunday's Game 4 with a 2-1 lead over the Los Angele Lakers in the NBA Finals with the next two games on their home floor.

In Game 3 Thursday the Pistons completely outplayed the Lakers in a 20-point win.


"We're riding confidence right now that's been as high as it's been all season," guard Chauncey Billups said after Saturday's practice.

The Pistons have lost a game at Auburn Hills in each playoff series, giving away home-court advantage each time. They have been able to recover with an immediate road win.

"Obviously, I've failed in some of those cases," Brown said. "I try to point out with each game that we should just try to understand we've got to play each possession the right way and not get caught up in the importance of the game or what happened in the previous game."

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