NFL coach: Tillman 'a hero to us all'

WASHINGTON, April 23 (UPI) -- NFL officials, coaches and players Friday mourned Army Ranger Pat Tillman, a former player who was killed in Afghanistan, calling him an American hero.

"Pat died fighting for what he believed in. His courage and convictions are what this country is built on. He is a hero to us all," said St. Louis Coach Mike Martz.


"Make a movie, write a book, do it all, because that guy was something special," said Philadelphia Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie.

Other tributes to Tillman, who gave up a multimillion-dollar NFL career to join the Rangers:

-- Seattle GM Bob Ferguson: "In today's world of instant gratification and selfishness, here is a man that was defined by words like loyalty, honor, passion, courage, strength and nobility. He is a modern-day hero."

-- Philadelphia tackle Darwin Walker: "He was always a little different. In life, people that are great have a little something different about them."

-- Corey Sears of the Houston Texans: "Pat Tillman is a hero. He's always going to be in my heart."

-- Arizona Cardinals' President Michael Bidwell: "He was a special guy -- he's a hero. There are very few people to have the courage to do what he did."


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