Parents sue Kournikova over Fla. mansion

MIAMI, April 22 (UPI) -- Anna Kournikova's parents are suing the tennis star for

a share of the $9 million Miami home she shares with boyfriend Enrique Iglesias.


Alla and Sergie Kournikova claim they are joint owners of the 22-year-old's waterfront mansion and have filed a lawsuit demanding a two-thirds share of it, The World Entertainment News Network reported Thursday.

A statement from the Kournikovas' lawyer Howard Rudolph said: "She is taking the position this is her house. Mom and Dad were her managers and promoters. This was a house they all shared."

Anna Kournikova is expected to fight the case, the WENN said.

A source close to the athlete, who is on tour with Iglesias, said: "Anna and her parents fell out when they stopped working together. It's very sad, but they are all very stubborn."

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