NCAA probing Doug Williams actions

GRAMBLING, La., Sept. 25 (UPI) -- The NCAA has initiated an inquiry into comments made by Grambling football coach Doug Williams about Maurice Clarett.

The school was notified by letter that Williams is being looked at for possibly violating recruiting rules.


At a news conference on Sept. 9, Williams wore a No. 13 Grambling jersey, the number Clarett wore for OSU last season. That move may have violated a section of the NCAA regulation stipulating that colleges may not contact a student-athlete at another school, in any way, without written permission from the player's current athletic director.

"I'm puzzled by the idea that we would get a letter, if there was no contact by either party," Williams told the Shreveport Times.

Clarett had been suspended from playing for OSU this fall for a number of reasons, and Grambling had been mentioned as a possible transfer site. He would have been eligible to play at Grambling, a Division I-AA school without having to sit out a year.

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