Romanowski fined, suspended by Raiders

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 26 (UPI) -- The Oakland Raiders have fined veteran linebacker Bill Romanowski for his involvement in a spirited fight in practice on Sunday.

In the skirmish, tight end Marcus Williams suffered a fractured left orbital bone and had a tooth knocked out when, reports say, Romanowski punched him in the face after knocking his helmet off.


Coach Bill Callahan was angry.

"Any time harm comes to a player I am really concerned because it (fighting) goes beyond the game," Callahan told the Oakland Tribune. "This is a contact game, a very competitive game, but there is a fine line there. I just don't want to see anybody getting hurt, possibly maimed, on account of a fight. It is not something I condone or encourage. It is totally unnecessary."

Romanowski, 37, a 16-year veteran, was banned from practice on Monday and fined an undisclosed amount. Williams is expected to miss four to six weeks.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday that Williams' agent, Lee J. Kolligan, said his client filed a police report, but a spokesman for the Alameda Police Dept. told the paper that, after speaking with Williams, his office would not pursue the matter.


"He said he wanted to keep it on the field," Lt. Jim Brock told the Chronicle. "As far as we're concerned, the case is closed."

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