Lakers, Nets take Monday off

EASY RUTHERFORD, N.J., June 10 (UPI) -- Neither the Los Angeles Lakers or New Jersey Nets practiced Monday, preferring to take a break from the rigors of the NBA Finals.

"We watched some film, came in and shot a little bit, went over some of the things we're going to need to do better in Game Four, then maybe go down and see a Broadway show," Lakers forward Rick Fox said.


Fox's wife, Vanessa Williams, is starring in "Into The Woods," which is currently enjoying an extended run. Until Saturday night, the couple had not seen each other since April 2.

"We just got done playing three games in five days and now we have 48 hours before we go at it again, so it's a much-needed rest, (with) some of the jet lag, some of the activities some of us participated in after not seeing significant others for two months," Fox said, laughing.

"It kind of wears on the legs a little bit, so we have to get some fresh legs for Wednesday," Fox said.

Most of the Nets showed up for Monday's mandatory media session at Continental Airlines Arena wearing street clothes.


"At this point in the season, whether you practice or don't practice, work out or don't work out, it really doesn't matter," Nets rookie forward Richard Jefferson said.

Both teams are expected to practice Tuesday.

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