Melee mars Texas Tech victory

LUBBOCK, Texas, Nov. 4 (UPI) -- Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers said Sunday a full investigation would be conducted into an incident following the Red Raiders' victory over Texas A&M Saturday, one in which a goal post was briefly carried into the stands where Aggie fans were sitting and the chief aide to the governor of the state was punched in the face.

"This type of behavior will not be tolerated and we will take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again," said Myers, who drew national headlines earlier this year when he hired Bob Knight to coach the school's basketball team and who last week received a two-year contract extension.


Texas Tech, which defeated Kansas State in Lubbock this season and which hosts Oklahoma on Nov. 17 in a game that will have national implications, surprised Texas A&M Saturday, 12-0.

At the end of the game, students rushed onto the field at Jones Stadium and tore down the goal post at the north end of the field and began carrying it toward an area where A&M supporters were sitting.

Those carrying the goal post then began shoving it beyond the low wall that separates the field from the seats and tried to push it up into the stands. Many of the fans attempted to grab the goal post and push it back and soon there were shoving matches and fights breaking out.


In one of those individual altercations, someone hit Mike McKinney in the face. Blood began to flow and eight stitches eventually had to be taken.

McKinney is the father of Texas A&M center Seth McKinney and is also chief of staff for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

"Some of them weren't kids," McKinney said. "Some of them were grownups. They were coming up in the stands. A couple of fights broke out. I was trying to keep them from coming up into the stands.

"I pushed two of them down. I grabbed my binoculars and said, 'The next one who comes up gets it.'

"Somebody who was already in the stands -- I didn't see who it was -- knocked the fool out of me."

McKinney said he had been to every Texas A&M game during the past eight years.

"I hate to say that the worst fans, the worst place to ever play, is in our state."

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