AS&E launches new Sentry Portal X-ray tech

BILLERICA, Mass., Aug. 6 (UPI) -- Massachusetts-based American Science and Engineering Inc. announced the launch of its new drive-through threat detection technology.

AS&E has introduced its new Sentry Portal drive-through X-ray system. The Sentry Portal is designed to scan trucks, cargo containers and tanker trucks for explosive threats and other illicit goods.


Officials say the Sentry Portal allows truck drivers and other operators transporting cargo to safely drive through the technology for a quick X-ray supporting security operations at high-volume seaports, border crossings and security checkpoints.

"We are pleased to add the Sentry Portal to AS&E's cargo inspection product offerings," Anthony Fabiano, AS&E president and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

"This new high-energy system provides superior imaging and can scan 150 trucks per hour -- six times the capacity of conventional high-energy X-ray systems -- helping to maintain the flow of commerce at points of entry. By combining the Sentry Portal's detection capabilities with our Z Portal screening system, security officials will have the most comprehensive high-throughput, multi-view inspection system for both metallic and organic threat detection."

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