CloudShield, ITS launch secure chat tech

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 21 (UPI) -- U.S. company CloudShield Technologies announced the launch of a new instant-messaging technology capable of securing the exchange of sensitive intelligence.

CloudShield and partner Innovative Technology Solutions have released their Binary Armor military messaging system. The technology, which currently supports U.S. government intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance efforts, is based on CloudShield's CS-2000 platform and ITS' Service Oriented Architecture.


The Binary Armor is designed to provide a secure platform for defense and intelligence authorities to conducted instant messaging and other data exchanges.

"Confidential information is often shared over military messaging platforms and it is critical that users have the tools in place to make sure that information is secure," Bruce Gilley, CloudShield vice president of federal business development, said in a statement.

"Through our unique packet processing architecture, secure management and open programmability, CloudShield is providing the high performance and essential functionality needed to secure and control critical information flows at today's network rates."

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