Harris tech supports demo in Australia

MELBOURNE, July 7 (UPI) -- Harris Corp. says its networking and communication systems supported a recent technology demonstration for Australian military authorities.

U.S. company Harris says its Adjunct Network Processor and its tactical radio systems among other technologies supported a recent laboratory demonstration of a simulated mobile tactical network that successful streamed video data for Australia army and navy authorities among other defense officials.


According to a news release, the laboratory demonstration "included the transmission of recorded unmanned aerial vehicle video and meta data, along with real-time dismounted soldier digital and voice data, to a simulated Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter Mission Commander's station."

"This is the second successful system demonstration of Harris technologies that provide a robust ad hoc mobile network to better synchronize combat power within the battle space," Wes Covell, Harris Defense Programs president, said in a statement.

"The ability to create a high-bandwidth network between the air, ground and sea ensures that situational awareness can be pushed to the edge of the tactical network."

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