Lockheed Martin to partner on QKD tech

CANBERRA, Australia, June 23 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin has partnered with Australia-based Quintessence Labs for the development of next-generation quantum communications technologies.

Quintessence Labs and Lockheed Martin's Australia unit have teamed to advance the development of Quintessence Labs' Quantum Key Distribution. Quintessence Labs and Lockheed Martin announced the partnership as part of an effort to develop a next-generation QKD technology for the Australian and U.S. security markets.


Quintessence Labs says its QKD communications technology is designed to provide pad encryption in real time with high speed and lower costs.

"We are delighted to be entering into partnership with Lockheed Martin," Peter Shergold, Quintessence Labs chairperson, said in a statement.

"Lockheed Martin is a global technology leader which has identified national security as a key strategic priority. Following an evaluation of Quintessence Labs' technology, Lockheed Martin decided to enter into this relationship to develop leading edge information security solutions."

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