French police contract ATK for ammunition

MINNEAPOLIS, June 17 (UPI) -- French law enforcement authorities announced a contract with Alliant Techsystems for the company to delivery 9mm ammunition.

Minneapolis-based ATK says it was awarded the ammunition contract along with its international teammate Humbert CTTS SAS. Under the announced award, ATK and Humbert will supply the entire French police department with Speer Gold Dot 9mm ammunition.


Officials say the contract, which includes supplying ammunition to the approximately 250,000 police officers in France, is worth more than $14 million if all options are exercised.

"This French law enforcement opportunity demanded intense specification controls, rigorous performance testing, and a top quality product," Mark DeYoung, ATK senior vice president and president Armament Systems, said in a statement.

"The technology and manufacturing processes utilized in our Speer Gold Dot ammunition are state of the art and result in a highly reliable and capable product. This award once again proves that Speer Gold Dot is the ammunition of choice for law enforcement."

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