NIJ certifies MSA's TRP3A armor

PITTSBURGH, June 4 (UPI) -- The U.S. National Institute of Justice has certified that ballistic body armor technology from MSA has met new performance standards.

U.S.-based developer of safety equipment MSA announced its TRP3A Templar Ballistic Package has been certified by the National Institute of Justice as meeting level IIIA protection package performance standards. The IIIA level is the highest certification level of a concealable protection system.


MSA says its TRP3A Templar Ballistic Package is designed to provide law enforcement and other security authorities with protection from .357 SIG and 44 Magnum rounds among other ballistic threats.

"Clearly the National Institute of Justice has put forth a challenging standard to meet, and that's a welcome accomplishment," Ron Herring, MSA vice president of global product leadership, said in a statement.

"Ultimately these changes are going to better protect those who protect us with products that deliver superior performance and greater reliability. With almost 900,000 police officers in service throughout the U.S., we're proud to be among the first to receive certification and provide the next level of advanced protection to those who need it most."

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