Spectrum launches CarSCAN screening tech

SAN DIEGO , May 13 (UPI) -- Spectrum San Diego announced the launch of its new scanning system, capable of detecting explosives and other illicit threats in cars and light trucks.

U.S. company Spectrum has released its CarSCAN X-ray technology. The ultra-low-dose dual-energy scanning system recognizes concealed threats in cars and light trucks as the vehicles pass through the X-ray technology's archway.


According to a news release, Spectrum said its CarSCAN is designed to address the growing wait times at border crossings and other inspection points by allowing vehicles to travel "normal checkpoint speeds" while thoroughly scanning for illicit goods.

"CarSCAN is a breakthrough in vehicle-screening technology, offering a valuable new security tool to the government, law enforcement and military," Steven Smith, Spectrum San Diego president and technical director, said in a statement.

"Passengers remain safely inside the vehicle, allowing a thorough inspection with the highest throughput."

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