SecureWorks, ETEK sign reselling deal

BOGOTA, March 10 (UPI) -- SecureWorks announced an agreement with Colombia-based ETEK International to resell its cyber attack-protection technologies in Latin America.

ETEK signed a contract with SecureWorks to resell all of the Atlanta-based company's security and professional services in the Latin America market.


SecureWorks said the cyber attack-protection reselling deal includes its intrusion-prevention security and information monitoring systems among other services and ongoing research from the company's Counter Threat Unit.

"ETEK's security expertise, combined with SecureWorks' global threat visibility, flexible suite of services, research intelligence and purpose-built platform, will enable ETEK to enhance and expand its current security offerings," Mike Cote, SecureWorks chairman and chief executive, said in a statement.

"For SecureWorks, the ETEK relationship will offer us the opportunity to increase our global footprint, and we will benefit from ETEK's superb knowledge of this region."

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