Army orders additional Danner combat boots

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 27 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has awarded a follow-on contract to LaCrosse Footwear Inc. for the company to deliver additional combat boots.

U.S. company LaCrosse says its Danner subsidiary was awarded the Army contract. Under the $6.7 million follow-on deal, Danner will supply the Army with its Combat Hiker boots, designed to withstand the rugged conditions soldiers experience during missions.


Officials said the contract reflects the ongoing partnership Danner has developed with the Army to design a combat boot to support long-term deployments in Afghanistan's mountainous terrain.

"For the past year and a half, Danner has been working closely with the U.S. Army to develop and test footwear that provides extended wear and high performance in harsh mountain terrain and challenging weather conditions," Joseph Schneider, LaCrosse Footwear president and chief executive, said in a statement.

"Danner continues to remain focused on combining a deep understanding of what soldiers need in the field with our expertise in innovative product engineering, unique manufacturing capabilities and a passion for our craft."

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