Trinidad contracts for port security

DALLAS, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Trinidad and Tobago has contracted Axcess International Inc. for the installation of security infrastructure to help secure Port of Spain's major shipping port.

U.S. company Axcess was awarded $3.54 million for its wireless tracking and identification technologies. Under the deal, Axcess will install a comprehensive radio-frequency ID system and sensor technologies to support security initiatives at Port of Spain's shipping port.


The contract is part of an effort by Trinidad and Tobago to integrate next-generation port security technologies ahead of the Summit of the Americas conference being held in Trinidad in April.

Officials say the RFID and sensor security infrastructure is designed to improve security operations and counter transnational criminal groups operating in the region, among other terrorist and militant threats.

"Security has long been our primary objective at the port," Chris Mendez, chief executive of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, said in a statement.

"These systems are critical to providing the necessary advanced security for the summit conference and for port operations thereafter."

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