Wind River to support aircraft displays

ALAMEDA, Calif., Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Terma has contracted U.S. company Wind River to support its mission critical display technology used in jets, helicopters and transport aircraft.

Multinational defense company Terma contracted Wind River for its VxWorks operating system. Terma said VxWorks will serve as the foundation for its Advanced Threat Display technology.


ATD is a family of situational-awareness displays that provides a "real-time correlated threat environment picture to the pilot," Terma officials said in a news release.

"We needed a robust, real-time software solution for the ATD," Jorgen Jakobsen, Terma Airborne Systems manager, said in a statement.

"A pilot typically has no more than a few seconds to respond to incoming threats. Every second counts when it comes to threat detection. Selecting VxWorks, an industry-accepted real-time operating system, was the only decision that made sense for Terma."

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