Protonex to release power-management tech

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 18 (UPI) -- Massachusetts-based Protonex Technology Corp. announced the launch of a new mobile battery system for deployment with soldiers in the field.

Fuel cell power systems developer Protonex announced plans to release its new SPM-611 and SPM-612 power management systems. The SPM technology is designed to address concerns over battery logistics from the growing number of advanced technologies deployed by soldiers in combat.


Company officials say the SPM systems minimize the number of batteries soldiers need to carry by addressing battery power management inefficiencies and matching war fighter devices to appropriate power sources.

"Our new soldier-worn power managers are a universal, invaluable power solution for soldiers, addressing both on- and off-mission requirements," Greg Cipriano, Protonex vice president for marketing and military development, said in a statement.

"These unique systems deliver specific portable power capabilities that are currently unavailable to the soldier and further complement our growing power system portfolio."

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