Navy designates Previstar's CPS for EM-IMS

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 18 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy announced plans to deploy Previstar's Continual Preparedness System to support emergency incident management.

U.S. company Previstar says its CPS will be integrated into six of the Navy Continental United States (CONUS) Regional Operation Centers after the CPS technology was designated by the Navy for the department's Emergency Management Incident Management System.


As the Navy EM-IMS designate, the CPS also will be integrated at 103 CONUS installations, including the Navy's Washington-based Headquarters Installation Support Center.

Previstar says its CPS suite is designed to support the Navy's preparedness, response and recovery emergency management operations and will be used by emergency managers at Naval Emergency Operation Centers as the "daily tool for all facets of incident management and incident support activities, both emergent and non-emergent," the release said.

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