Navy awards deal for sonobuoys

JACKSON, Mich., Feb. 18 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has contracted Sparton Corp. for the company to deliver its hostile submarine detection buoy technologies.

Michigan-based Sparton was awarded the Navy contract for its sonobuoy threat detection technologies. Under the approximately $34.1 million contract, Sparton will deliver its AN/SSQ-53F passive sensor and the AN/SSQ-62E active acoustic sensor sonobuoy variants to the Navy.


Officials say the sonobuoy, deployed with Navy ships, detects potentially hostile submarines' acoustic emissions. A detected threat is then transmitted to the Navy anti-submarine fleet to take appropriate countermeasures.

Sparton says its AN/SSQ-53F sonobuoy is used for "detection, classification, and localization of adversary submarines" and the AN/SSQ-62E sonobuoy is used in the "final localization and attack phase of submarine prosecutions," the release said.

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