QinetiQ releases new Talon robot

LONDON, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- QinetiQ has announced the expansion of its Talon robot line to address the evolving threats to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

QinetiQ's Technology Solutions Group announced the launch of the Talon IV Engineer robot. Officials say the new technology offers soldiers the next generation of improvised explosive device detection and clearing capabilities, including a "longer, stronger reach, stronger grasp, and the ability to right itself," the release said.


The Talon robots, widely deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, are designed to clear out IEDs, roadside bombs and other explosive threats while keeping soldiers at a safe distance.

"Our Talon IV Engineer robot, with its extra strength and reach, expands the capabilities of troops to remotely clear routes, minefields or other hazardous areas," William Ribich, QinetiQ Technology Solutions Group president, said in a statement. "And as with other Talon models it gives them the ability to see inside and around vehicles and other barriers, helping increase their overall safety."

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