Parachute test drop a success

YUMA, Ariz., Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Airborne Systems has successfully completed a test of its modular ram-air parachute as part of a U.S. Army program.

Arizona-based Airborne Systems, as part of the Army Natick Soldier Research Development & Engineering Center development program, announced the successful test drop of an 18,000-pound payload with its parachute technologies.


Airborne Systems' MegaFly and GigaFly modular ram-air parachute systems are designed for the airdrop of heavy payloads. Officials say the parachutes employ global positioning system technologies for precision-guided airdrops.

"One of the unique features of this design is the interchangeability of parafoil sections to function as a modular system," Brian Bagdonovich, Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center program manager, said in a statement.

"From an Army standpoint, the concept of modularity is just as impressive as GigaFly's ability to deliver high payload weights to a precise location."

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