NanoDynamics awarded phase II deal

BUFFALO, N.Y., Jan. 19 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has awarded NanoDynamics Inc. a phase II contract for the continued development of high-aspect-ratio nanomaterials.

New York-based NanoDynamics was awarded a phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant from the Army worth $733,000.


As part of the two-year deal, NanoDynamics will continue development of nanomaterials for potential application in infrared countermeasure devices for the military.

"Our initial work, conducted jointly with Clarkson University, focused on the development of the ideal absorptive systems and scaling up for field testing," Alan Rae, NanoDynamics vice president of technology, said in a statement.

"Phase I initiatives demonstrated the technical feasibility of the obscurants material as well as the first steps in the pilot scale process. As we move into phase II, our work will be concentrated on the further optimization of material properties and scaling processes to produce pilot demonstration quantities."

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