Finnish Defense Forces contract Scania

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- Finnish defense officials have contracted Scania for the company to supply trucks to the Finnish Defense Forces.

Sweden-based Scania was awarded a contract from Finland for 91 of its tactical vehicles. Scania says its Finnish subsidiary, Oy Scan-Auto Ab, will deliver the trucks and provide maintenance services for the Finnish Defense Forces.


"Scania's ability to supply special-purpose trucks for demanding transport tasks directly from the factory has been an advantage, and naturally so has the quality and performance of the trucks," Markku Lipsonen, Oy Scan-Auto Ab managing director, said in a statement.

"Combined with our comprehensive network of professional service workshops and the availability of repair and maintenance agreements, these have been decisive factors for the choice of Scania."

Officials say the contract also includes options for more than 190 additional vehicles.

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