Raydiance awarded phase II for laser tech

PETALUMA, Calif., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy has awarded Raydiance Inc. a phase II contract for the continued development of its electronic countermeasures fiber laser technology.

California-based Raydiance was awarded the contract from the Naval Air Warfare Center. Under the $500,000 phase II small-business technology transfer deal, Raydiance will develop its fiber laser technology to increase power and expand its defense applications.


Officials say Raydiance is developing a system in which a laser passes over fiber technology and delivers an ultrashort pulse for electronic countermeasures and explosives detection, among other uses.

"Raydiance is pleased to receive this grant from NAVAIR to further this breakthrough research and tackle the next step in our Moore's Law-like path to deliver cheaper, smaller and more powerful lasers for a wide range of applications," Scott Davison, Raydiance co-founder and president, said in a statement.

"The development of a fiber that can transmit the high power of ultrafast pulses to any material is an extreme challenge, but one we are confident we can achieve."

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