LM Paveway II DMLGB upgrade advances

ARCHBALD, Pa., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- U.S. Navy officials say the Lockheed Martin upgraded Paveway II bomb has achieved initial operational capability.

U.S. company Lockheed Martin says its Dual Mode Laser-Guided Bomb upgrade for the Paveway II has achieved a milestone, gaining initial operational capability. Company officials say the DMLGB upgrade is designed to offer the Navy an all-weather bombing capability.


To achieve the all-weather enhancement, Lockheed Martin equipped the Paveway II with new satellite-based global positioning system technologies and a laser-guided system that officials say offers pilots increased flexibility in decision making.

"The DMLGB is the result of our effective partnership with the U.S. Navy," John Pericci, business development director at Lockheed Martin's Archbald, Pa., facility, said in a statement.

"This program is an example of how existing inventory can be cost-effectively upgraded into a next-generation precision-guided weapon system. DMLGB provides the war fighter with an enhanced-capability weapon that is highly effective against fixed, re-locatable and mobile targets."

With the Paveway II DMLGB achieving initial operational capability, Lockheed Martin is a step closer to operational employment for the upgraded bomb.

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