KAI contracts GD for gun systems

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Korea Aerospace Industries has contracted U.S. company General Dynamics to support the production of a light trainer aircraft with its gun systems.

General Dynamics says its North Carolina-based Armament and Technical Products business unit was awarded the deal from KAI. Under the contract, General Dynamics will supply 82 of its A-50 20mm gun systems to KAI.


Officials say the A-50 gun technology, specially designed by General Dynamics for KAI's T/A-50 light trainer and attack aircraft, is expected to be manufactured at General Dynamics' Maine facility.

General Dynamics subcontracted South Korea-based Korean Industry Partner to produce the ammunition containers for A-50 weapons systems as part of the KAI contract.

"The A-50 gun system was developed by General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products specifically for the T/A-50 light trainer and attack aircraft being produced by KAI," Steve Vander Kraats, General Dynamics A-50 gun system program manager, said in a statement.

"The system provides the relatively smaller T/A-50 aircraft with 20mm Gatling gun capabilities comparable to that of larger fighter aircraft."

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