Canada contracts for military vehicles

WARRENVILLE, Ill., Jan. 13 (UPI) -- The Canadian Department of National Defense has contracted Navistar Defense for the company's off-the-shelf military vehicles.

Illinois-based Navistar Defense was awarded a $231 million contract to support Canada's Medium Support Vehicle System project, a defense initiative to support troops with medium-sized logistics trucks.


Under the contract, the company's first with the Canadian Department of National Defense, Navistar Defense will supply up to 1,300 of its military commercial off-the-shelf vehicles to Canadian defense officials along with service and support.

"While our militarized commercial off-the-shelf trucks are built to help effectively perform various missions, our existing Canadian dealer network will provide quick parts and maintenance support for domestic missions," Archie Massicotte, Navistar Defense president, said in a statement.

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