BAE marks 1,000th CV90 delivery

OERNSKOELDSVIK, Sweden, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- BAE Systems recently delivered a CV90 infantry fighting vehicle to the Netherlands, marking a milestone for the company.

British company BAE Systems announced that the delivery of its CV90 vehicle to the Netherlands, as part of a contract for 184 of the combat vehicles, marks the 1,000th delivery of the CV90 for the company. Production of the CV90 began in 1991 and has since been deployed for operations with the United Nations, NATO and others.


Officials say the CV90 is a multirole combat vehicle designed to be a mobile and lethal tactical asset in war zones.

"CV90 has been such a success globally due to its flexibility and upgrade potential for the past 17 years," Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, BAE Systems marketing and sales director, said in a statement.

"Initial CV90 designs were focused towards providing high mobility and high firepower, but more recent designs have focused on high survivability in order to adapt to more recent threats. Our track record of successful offset programs, connected to the CV90, is a testament to our understanding of our customers and the needs of their countries' industrial bases."


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