India's Mars Orbiter Project now orbiting Red Planet

India's Mars Orbiter project is now in orbit around the Red Planet.

By Heather Records

BANGALORE, India, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- A major milestone for the country of India on Wednesday.

The Asian country has successfully put its Mars Orbiter into orbit around the Red Planet.


The project entered orbit around Mars Wednesday morning -- marking two firsts -- the first time a country has reached the planet on its first try and the first Asian country to do so.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said "We have accurately navigated our spacecraft through a route known to a very few."

Before Wednesday, only the United States, Europe and the Soviets have successfully sent a spacecraft to Mars.

India reached the Red Planet for $74 million dollars.

NASA's MAVEN project cost $671 million and reached the planet earlier this week.

India's orbiter has a lot of company, NASA has two Mars rovers on the ground, a European orbiter and NASA orbiters including the MAVEN.

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