Gemini 8 mission 50th anniversary(29 images)

Today marks the 50th anniversary of NASA's Gemini 8 mission, the sixth manned spaceflight conducted during the United States' Project Gemini program. The primary objective of the mission the successful docking of two spacecraft in orbit, a first in spaceflight. It was a success, though the crew suffered a critical system failure, forcing them to abandon their mission and return to Earth after just 10 hours in space. Find more about this day in history in the UPI Almanac.

NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong (left), command pilot, and David Scott, pilot, the Gemini 8 prime crew, during a photo session outside the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Mission Control Center on March 11, 1966. Both men are wearing full spacesuits and carrying their helmets. NASA/UPI | License Photo
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