SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket soars to 2,440 feet

The SpaceX reusable Grasshopper Rocket had made its highest leap yet.

By Veronica Linares
SpaceX's Grasshopper rocket. (
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(UPI) -- SpaceX's Grasshopper rocket, an experimental reusable rocket, made its highest leap last week reaching over 2,000 feet above its Texas proving ground.

The test, which took place on October 7, was captured on camera and unveiled over the weekend. In the clip the Grasshopper rocket is seen climbing 2,441 feet into the air before landing safely back on its launch pad in McGregor, Texas.


During a test flight in August the SpaceX Grasshopper rocket performed a 300-foot lateral maneuver that took a heard of cows by surprise. The scene was also caught on camera and posted on YouTube in a video titled "Grasshopper vs. Cows."

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