Google honors scientist Jan Ingenhousz with new Doodle

By Wade Sheridan  |  Dec. 8, 2017 at 6:33 AM
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Dec. 8 (UPI) -- Google is celebrating what would have been the 287th birthday of Dutch scientist Jan Ingenhousz with a new Doodle.

Ingenhousz is famous for studying inoculation, medicine and photosynthesis which led to him discovering the photosynthetic process.

Google's homepage features a drawing of Ingenhousz observing a plant that has grown out of the Google logo as it takes in sunlight.

"Though it was already known that plants produced and absorbed gases, it was Ingenhousz who first noticed that oxygen was produced by leaves in sunlight, and carbon dioxide produced in darkness," Google said of his findings. "He published these findings in 1779, significantly influencing further research on plant life in the centuries to follow."

Ingenhousz also made contributions to the study of electricity, thermal conduction, and particle motion. He is known for immunizing hundreds of village people who were at risk for smallpox early in his career when he traveled to London.

"In today's Doodle, we celebrate the lasting contributions of this scientist to our understanding of the natural world. For those digging into their biology textbooks this school year, be sure to thank Jan Ingenhousz!" Google said.

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