Rare dolphin 'stampede' shocks whale-watchers

By Marilyn Malara

DANA POINT, Calif., March 12 (UPI) -- Whale watchers got a rare look at hundreds of dolphins during a dolphin "stampede" off the coast of Southern California.

Whale watchers looking to catch a few glimpses of the animals were in for a surprise when the dolphins began racing and jumping through the water -- an act called porpoising -- without known reason.


A video recorded by Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari shows the pod of marine mammals speeding just off the edge of the tourism company's vessel.

The company said its Dana Beach location sees the greatest density of dolphins per square mile than anywhere in the world and is the best place to witness "mega-pods" of dolphins, which can contain up to 10,000 in total.

Dave Anderson, owner of Captain Dave's, told the Los Angeles Times dolphin stampedes "are one of those most amazing things I've seen in 20 years of whale watching. It's completely exhilarating."

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