Drone captures remarkable footage of dolphin stampede

Why get seasick on a whale-watching tour when you can see the majestic mammals on your desktop?
By Brooks Hays  |  March 5, 2014 at 11:22 AM
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DANA POINT, Calif., March 5 (UPI) -- A Southern California man has been using drone technology to film sea life, and the results are incredible. Dave Anderson, who lives in Dana Point, Calif., and owns a small whale-watching charter business, spends his free time sending unmanned aircraft out over ocean waters to track wildlife.

Recently, he captured breathtaking footage of a "stampede" of dolphins -- dozens of the bottle-nosed mammals torpedoing through the waves. Using his camera-outfitted drone, Anderson has also spotted and filmed three migrating gray whales. Thankfully, he's uploaded all his exploits to YouTube.

Anderson said he's already lost one drone -- and $1,700 -- to the sea. He quickly purchased another.

"I get so nervous every flight over the water now, after the accident, my hands start shaking," Anderson told the International Business Times. "My wife says no more drones if I lose this one. But she said that before I lost the other one. Now that she's seen what it can do, I think she's just as hooked as I am.”

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