Toyota launches fuel cell car at Consumer Electronics Show

The car wil be the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered car sold to consumers and will hit the roads in 2015.
By Ananth Baliga  |  Jan. 6, 2014 at 5:17 PM
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At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, Toyota debuted its fuel cell car, called the FCV concept, and it will run on hydrogen power with no emissions except water vapor, making it the first fuel cell car sold to consumers.

The FCV will run up to 310 miles on a single fill-up, will take only three minutes to refuel and will have space for four passengers. And unlike regular batteries, the fuel cells need no time to recharge. The propulsion system will fit below the seats and the car will have two hydrogen tanks.

The car is expected to hits the roads in 2015, and will be sold first in California. Toyota has partnered with the University of California Irvine’s Advanced Power and Energy Program to map out different locations for hydrogen filling stations.

Fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen in the air to create water, a reaction that generates the electricity. The fuel cells then channel this electricity to a drive the motor, powering the car.

While fuel cell technology is not new the company is hedging its bets on reduced costs and technological advancements to usher in the next generation of cars. This kind of technology lost traction a few years ago after the introduction of electric- and battery-powered cars.

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