Nigerian researcher claims magnets prove homosexuality is wrong

University of Lagos is backing Nigerian Nobel hopeful's so-called discovery that magnets prove same-sex marriage is wrong.

Nigerian researcher claims magnets prove homosexuality is wrong
A child demonstrates magnetic repulsion with two bar magnets. (CC/Pieter Kuiper)

A postgraduate student in Nigeria claims to have scientific proof that same-sex marriage is wrong, and the University of Lagos is backing his so-called discovery.

Chibuihem Amalaha told Nigeria's This Day Live that same-sex marriage is "eating deep into the fabric of our human nature all over the world."


Amalaha explains that he conducted "experiments" in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to prove that homosexuality is wrong. He uses magnets to show that the repellence of similar entities proves his theory.

The magnets' like poles, Amalaha says, "will push away themselves showing that a man should not attract a man."

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"If you bring two South Poles together you find that the two South Poles will not attract indicating that same sex marriage should not hold. A female should not attract a female as South Pole of a magnet does not attract the South Pole of a magnet. But, when you bring a North Pole of a magnet and a South Pole of a magnet they will attract because they are not the same, indicating that a man will attract a woman because of the way nature has made a female."

Amalaha believes he will win the Nobel Prize, and intends to publish his work in international journals.


"My lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Professor D S Aribuike, pointedly told me that I will win Nobel prize one day, because he found that my works are real and nobody has done it in any part of the world.”

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Homosexuality is a criminal offense in Nigeria, carrying a 14-year prison sentence for consensual adult relationships. Last year, the country passed an anti-gay marriage bill that also targets any public displays of affection as well as anyone who aids or abets gay couples.

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