Study: No health risk from mobile phones

OLSO, Norway, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- There is no evidence low-level electromagnetic field exposure from mobile phones and other devices causes adverse health effects, a Norwegian report says.

The study by the Norwegian Expert Committee, which provides advice to authorities about risk management and regulatory practice, assessed the health hazards from low-level electromagnetic fields generated by radio transmitters.


These fields are found around mobile phones, wireless phones and networks, mobile phone base stations, broadcasting transmitters and other communications equipment, a release from the committee said.

The committee, appointed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, found no evidence the low-level fields increase the risk of cancer, impair male fertility, cause other reproductive damage or lead to other diseases and adverse health effects, such as changes to the endocrine and immune systems.

While there is always an element of uncertainty in all risk assessments, the committee said, the uncertainty in this case is considered to be small.

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