Report: Companies are two-faced on climate

WASHINGTON, May 31 (UPI) -- Many U.S. companies take contradictory actions on climate-change science while devoting resources to influencing the discussion, an advocacy group says.

An analysis released Wednesday by the Union of Concerned Scientists said half of the country's leading companies reviewed misrepresented climate science despite publicly expressing concerns.


The science advocacy group examined 28 large companies that participated in climate policy debates over the past several years and found that while all publicly expressed concern about climate change or a commitment to reducing emissions through Web sites and public statements, half also misrepresented climate science in their public communications, a UCS release reported.

"Corporations' increased ability to influence policy should come with an increased responsibility to let the public know how they are doing so," said Francesca Grifo, director of UCS's Scientific Integrity Program.

"Companies may play a role in policy discussions, but right now, it's simply far too easy for them to get away with misrepresenting science to achieve their goals."

This report is limited because companies are not required to reveal sufficient information about their activities, its authors said.

"The difference between what many of these companies say and what they actually do is quite stark," said Gretchen Goldman, an analyst in the Scientific Integrity Program and a report contributor.


"And because we know only limited amounts about their activities, it's relatively simple for companies to show one face to the public and another to policymakers."

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