Cluster of ancient tombs found in China

LINGLI, China, April 17 (UPI) -- Chinese archaeologists say they've found a cluster of 1,800-year-old tombs in the country's Jiangxi province, including seven believed to belong to one family.

The tombs have been dated to the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty, 24-220 A.D., Wang Shanghai, deputy chief of the provincial cultural relics and archaeological institute, said.


Local farmers discovered the tombs on a hill in Lingli village in the eastern province's Shanggao county while doing agricultural cultivation work in early March, China's state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.

Excavation work on the tombs by the institute in cooperation with the county's museum has unearthed more than 100 items, including earthenware, porcelain, silver accessories and gold rings, Wang said.

The tombs were set out in an orderly fashion and their styles and grave items found within were all identical, suggesting it was a family tomb cluster, he said.

The find will give archaeologists vital insights into China's traditional familial grave customs and culture, Wang said.

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