'Twitter' Olympics may strain Internet

LONDON, March 21 (UPI) -- Experts say Internet speeds may take a hit at the 2012 Olympics in London with slow service or even disruptions by what are being dubbed the "Twitter Games."

England's Internet Service Providers' Association is warning of a "massive hit on the infrastructure" from a predicted deluge of data as the athletic events get under way in July, the BBC reported Wednesday.


Businesses allowing employees to watch the Summer Games at work could face problems, it said.

"The average connection speed for small and medium business is unlikely to allow every employee to stream the Olympics to their desk," association member James Blessing said.

Olympic officials have reportedly told London businesses to prepare for sluggish service during the Games.

Mobile carrier Vodafone said it expected difficulties in meeting the demand for mobile data as users seek updates using their smartphones.

"This summer it's going to be the equivalent of England playing in the World Cup final on Christmas Day, every day for the 17 days of the Games," a Vodafone representative said.

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