U.S. concerned about Anonymous power grid attack

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- U.S. officials are apparently concerned the group Anonymous may launch a cyberattack against the country's electrical grid, The Wall Street Journal reported.

National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander discussed the possibility of an Anonymous-led attack in meetings with the White House and other officials, the Journal said.


While Alexander has not publicly commented on the electrical grid issue, he has mentioned the "hacktivist" group's ability to go after computer networks.

Anonymous, for its part, said it has no plans to disrupt the electrical grid.

"Ridiculous! Why should Anonymous shut off power grid? Makes no sense! They just want to make you feel afraid," a post on the AnonOps blog said.

The NSA's concerns follow fears Anonymous also had plans to shut down the Internet on March 31, something the group also denied, PC Magazine reported.

"GlobalBlackOut is another Fake Operation. No intention of #Anonymous to cut Internet," @AnonOps tweeted Tuesday.

Anonymous has, however, targeted Web sites of U.S. agencies in protest of some of their actions.

Following the shutting down of the Megaupload file site by U.S. authorities, Anonymous launched successful denial-of-service attacks against the Department of Justice Web site and earlier this month disrupted the CIA Web site.


The NSA has declined to comment on the electrical grid matter, PC Magazine said.

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