Austin, Texas, to test police head cameras

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 24 (UPI) -- Head cameras will allow Austin, Texas, police to gather evidence while holding officers accountable for their actions, official said.

Austin is one of a dozen or so U.S. cities to test the new technology, the Austin American Statesman reported Monday.


"It captures the full gamut of the life of a police officer, all the way to the district attorney's office," said Cmdr. Troy Gay of the police department's strategic intelligence and technology division. "I think the cameras will give us a better visual depiction of what happened and also portray the demeanor of a person."

Officials said the cameras, which would be worn on an officer's head or ear, would make recordings to be used as evidence.

In addition to the cameras, officers would carry a small recorder to store footage until it can be downloaded after the officer's shift; it would not be transmitted live.

Police are looking for a company that would provide a secure download, Gay said, and officers would not have access to the video once it was downloaded.

Police Chief Art Acevedo said the cameras will be tested on foot and bicycle patrol officers because they would be the ones to wear them if the tests are successful.


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