Anthrax outbreak reported in Russia

MOSCOW, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- Russian authorities say they've declared a state of emergency because of an outbreak of anthrax in the country's southern Krasnodar Territory.

Anthrax was detected in cows at a dairy farm and authorities reported at least two employees had contracted the potentially fatal disease, RIA Novosti reported.


At least 30 farm employees working around the sick animals were placed under medical supervision but their test results were negative.

The farm was placed under quarantine and veterinarians were checking to see if privately kept cows in the area contracted the infection.

"A state of local-scale emergency was declared on the territory of the Uspenskaya Village. The outbreak was localized and the disease was prevented from spreading," said Alyona Vnukova, spokeswoman for the region's governor.

Anthrax affects cattle that ingest or inhale the bacterial spores while grazing and humans can contract the disease if they are exposed to the blood or tissue of infected animals.

It can be highly lethal but in some forms responds well to antibiotics, RIA Novosti reported.

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