Study says climate change costs states

COLLEGE PARK, Md., July 23 (UPI) -- The billions of dollars associated with climate change have begun to accrue for a number of U.S. states and are likely to endure, researchers said.

Reports from the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Environmental Research combined existing data and new analysis to project the long-term economic impact of climate change on eight states, with more state-by-state studies to follow, the university said Wednesday in a news release.


"We don't have a crystal ball and can't predict specific bottom lines, but the trend is very clear for these eight states and the nation as a whole: Climate change will cost billions in the long run and the bottom line will be red," says Matthias Ruth, who coordinated the research.

The economic snapshots underscore "the extent of damage already experienced in various parts of the country," Ruth said.

Among the findings:

-- Colorado will experience more than $1 billion in losses from impacts on tourism, forestry, water resources and human health from a drier, warmer climate.

-- Georgia will see multimillion dollar losses from higher seas along Georgia's coast.

-- Ohio will have billions of dollars in losses from warmer temperatures and lower water levels affecting shipping and water supplies.


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