Kilauea lava eruption continues in Hawaii

HONOLULU, July 8 (UPI) -- Officials on the big island of Hawaii say a spectacular volcanic eruption under way Tuesday so far has not caused any additional problems with air quality.

A lava fountain some 40-feet high has been gushing since Sunday night at the Kilauea Volcano, an event that scientists say they haven't seen in more than a year.


Scientists say the latest eruption has nearly doubled the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air. However, Civil Defense officials told KITV-TV, Honolulu, that so far the trade winds have been keeping the fumes away from populated areas.

The only bad news for tourists is that the eruption can't be seen from the public viewing area.

Kilauea's lava has been flowing toward the sea for several months, but an apparent lava tube has been preventing all but small amounts of it from actually reaching the water.

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano has been continually erupting since 1983.

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